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From: Cameron & Susan, LaCanada, CA (project: Africa Safari & Underwater footage)

"Andrea, Thank you once again for the great job you did on editing our tapes. Everything turned out great (I especially like the high fidelity sound of the dvd's) and we really enjoy watching our trip over and over. We're sending out copies today and they're sure to be a big hit!"
From: Bill, Phoenix, AZ (project: Dive video from Solomon Islands)

"whoa, attention, attention, hold the presses,...i just watched the video in the quiet of my home with Susan and it made a world of God the music is more than great. no wonder you asked about it. here at home it's wonderful. Susan started to laugh and said, "the music is perfect, it makes it appear that the clownfish are dancing to it...what a difference this second viewing made. now i'm thinking you're a genius. we apparently saw every sea creature in the solomon sea. "
From: Peter & Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA (project: wedding video edit)

"WOOOOOOOWWWWWW! It's just wonderful. You are an inspired genius! Thank you so much for capturing the heart and soul of the event. Julika's boyfriend, Peter..., who was at the wedding..., said he's alergic to conventional wedding videos because his mother is a photographer who does weddings and he hates the stuffiness and sentimentality of the wedding videos he's seen. But his scepticism instantly evaporated when he saw yours and he said if he ever marries Julika (which I think both of them are aiming for) he would like you to do the video!"
From: Louie & Lilia, San Diego, CA (project: wedding video edit)

"Thanks Andrea, your Video is artistically done. Lots of great effects. Very well planned. You did great editing and music. You are a talented artistic person. The video will be a part of our family history. "
From: Jennifer & Gary, Middletown, NY (wedding)

"We are speechless at the incredible job you did with our wedding video- we thought the first draft was pretty awesome but this one wins the grand prize- wow!!! We cried all over again! You chose the perfect music, picture and video sequence and captured the spirit of the day. We are so grateful to you for creating this video with so much love and care. "
From: Teresa & Erik, Seattle, WA (wedding & pre-wedding)

"As you know I contacted you in advance of my wedding and had you speak to my videographer. What you may not know is because he did not have to do any editing or anything special, just straight filming, I only paid a fraction of the normal wedding videographer cost. I was a little nervous that you might not be able to edit his work, but it came out spectacular! Not only is it amazing, but it's much more creative and personalized than any of the other wedding videos I demo'd while preparing for my wedding. I am constantly getting compliments from friends and family who have viewed the tape... more importantly is the fact that every time I watch it something new brings tears to my eyes.

So the saying goes 'You only get married once'... well you have captured that day even more perfectly than it was in person."
From: Bruce & Winnie, Middletown, NY (wedding)

"We showed the video twice, and everyone was very impressed with the first cut. Andrea has a real talent. We can't wait for the finished video. "
From: Greg & NJ, Livermore, CA (wedding)

"...NJ and I love the video and would like to thank you for this special gift. Throughout the viewing NJ was in tears. I had seen some of the early work that you had put together, and was really impressed, but this tops anything I had seen before. This service is awesome."
From: Carey & Mark, Marysville, WA (baby shower video)

"I am writing to thank you for the most wonderful gift my husband and I could have received-the gift of our family history for our unborn son.

The video was the most talked about part of the (baby) shower, for days afterward!

I feel you captured our life as we would have told it, and I think this takes an incredible talent. You have that talent.

Your work is so professional. I will recommend your business to all of my friends and coworkers. Anyone that would like a video tailored to their individuality would be well advised to use your company."

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