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Post Production NLE

NLE: Non-linear editing. You film it, we'll edit it.

Your original media, images or video, converted to digital files; cassette tapes, CDs, photographs (in any condition), existing video (VHS, S-VHS, mini-DV, Hi8 {not Sony Digital8}, AVI, MPG). Your originals remain untouched, unharmed. We work out a timeline and the general message that you want convey to the audience.

Is this a company holiday party? A company training video? Your employees will sit riveted and happy at the entertaining, creative way we put movies together.

Is this a re-edited wedding video? It will turn out fantastic!! Just read some of the letters I've received from people whose wedding videos I saved. Is it a baby photo montage to show at your baby shower? Your guests will be in tears!! Is it a baby montage of a bride and groom to show at the rehearsal dinner? Everyone will be sobbing with joy!!

These videos will bring out happy memories and emotions you didn't even know where there in anyone who views them. We don't just put all your images together. We use our creative minds and work with you to create a video flowing with your personality.
We can custom edit a video for any event. Conferences, training seminars, vacations, Presentations, anything you can videotape we can edit.

We also offer on-site filming.

see our web movies page for samples

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